Thursday, 17 May 2018

Know Schengen Visa Requirements from Travel Agents Before Applying for One

Schengen tourist visa provides you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a European holiday with a single visa. This is because almost 26 countries in the European territory come under the Schengen treaty which came to an agreement to allow people, goods and services to cross the borders of all these 26 countries without any restrictions. Even tourists can move across these Schengen countries with a single Schengen visa without the necessity of any further documents. This is really a wonderful experience as you need not apply to each and every country consulate for a visa to visit their country during your holidays in the European territory. You can simply apply to one embassy for the Schengen tourist visa and enjoy a holiday moving across many countries of your choice in the Schengen area without any hassles. The embassy that you are going to apply for the Schengen visa is the one where you are going to spend most of your holidays during the tour else if you plan equal days in every country than you have to apply to the embassy where you are going to land first as part of your holiday trip.

Schengen Tourist Visa

The Schengen visa requirements are more or less the same just like any visa application where you can download the form online and duly fill it before submitting to the embassy for your visa process. You should attach a valid passport with at least two blank pages left and is also valid beyond three months of the return date of your holidays. Two pass port size photographs should also be attached to the application form. It is also mandatory to submit the financial proof and medical insurance along with the visa application form. You should also attach a covering letter regarding the purpose of your visit and application for the visa. It is also necessary that you submit the flight reservation and hotel accommodation details along with the Schengen tourist visa application as this indicates the details of your trip and the availability of to and fro flights from your place. Though many mistake that they have to buy the flight tickets to apply for the visa it is not so as you just need to have the tickets reserved that provides the details of the flight route, flight code, arrival and departure timings etc as a proof for your travel itinerary.

Schengen Visa Requirements

In case, you are not clear on the Schengen visa requirements you can just checkout with reliable travel agents like who help you in every step of visa application for a hassle free holiday experience.

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